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An autumn walk in Val di Fassa...

The first cool evenings?
The larch trees change color and immediately the valley is covered with warm yellow-orange shades, a completely natural spectacle and a timeless charm.

In the Dolomites you will have the opportunity to find suggestive walks in autumn, "slow" walks in Val di Fassa, near Pozza di Fassa, in Campitello di Fassa, a few km from our hotel ...

Regenerating, spectacular, satisfying walks, also suitable for children: everything is simple and relaxing, to fully enjoy the autumn atmosphere and climate.

A walk to Lake Carezza, along the cycle and pedestrian path of Fiemme and Fassa, undemanding paths, which are especially beautiful in autumn, in the villages of Pera and Pozza di Fassa, the church of Santa Giuliana in Vigo di Fassa, to learn about the history of valley and admire a view of the woods.

And then let's not forget the good food, given by the typical flavors, by the autumn products, by the local and traditional cuisine, which is absolutely an added value to the holiday.

Simple dishes, with strong flavors, traditional because in Val di Fassa everything is typical and family, chef's touches to enhance even the simplest products.

The mountain and the microclimate favor the growth of typical products, for delicious dishes and for and for true connoisseurs.


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