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Autumn weekend in Val di Fassa

Joy for the eyes, pampering for the senses, a gift for the soul.
Title of a movie? No!

But of the magic of autumn in Val di Fassa, yes!

The mountain in autumn amazes, enchants and gives the opportunity to live in a unique and exclusive way with nature. Memorize and remember moments and colors, collect moments and beauty.

We are taking a break from the summer season, thinking about offers, ideas and news for the winter season ... and in the meantime we will tell you what autumn is for us in Val di Fassa.

Mountain lovers experience autumn in our valley with the pleasure of long and healthy scenic walks, excursions, mountain trekking in the last sunny days, with clear skies and still mild temperatures.

And then, walks in the woods in search and picking of mushrooms, not only for enthusiasts and expert connoisseurs, combine and create a union between sport and table.

The pleasures of good food, a romantic weekend to admire the intense colors of the enchanting foliage that contrasts with the blue of the sky and the crisp air.

Do not miss the opportunity, what is good for the eyes is good for the heart.

Contact us for a winter proposal at info@hotelalaskavaldifassa.com


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