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The benefits of the wellness center

In the dry air at a temperature of 90 ° -95 ° C, essences with the scent of eucalyptus or alpine herbs.

The blood circulation is stimulated, and the natural defenses are strengthened and the muscles relaxed. The refreshing shower will be particularly beneficial and the leg massage with cold water shower will put you back on track.

The Laconicum or Turkish Bath
40-50 ° C and humidity 50%

The heat radiated from the benches and walls acts gently on the body, a sweet sensation with lemon and mint aroma, will make you experience new sensations. The Turkish bath causes intense but pleasant sweating, especially in the parts of the body where it is most required. For those who suffer in the traditional sauna, the Turkish bath is a "sweet" alternative!

The revitalizing shower
The revitalizing shower releases tension, helps you relax and is always very pleasant ... You will feel reborn after the sauna or Turkish bath by doing our two mist cycles, one with a mint flavor and the other called a wonder circle with an exotic taste. of maracuja - papaya interspersed with mint flavor.

The combination of aromas and color effects transport you to a dimension where body and spirit meet pleasantly to create a pleasant well-being.

The Thermarium
Constant bench temperature of 39 ° C.

The warmth of the bench recalls the typical heat of the stoves that heated everything that was nearby while keeping the air fresh.

The heat envelops the whole body and regenerates the spirit according to a natural method, giving a pleasant well-being. Ideal support for strengthening the immune system, it allows natural prevention.

The Kneipp path or foot massage
The hot and cold principle of kneipp (walking barefoot with sprays of hot and cold water) is completed by the river stones placed on the floor and represents the basis of all the benefits that water produces.

Vitalized water
Thanks to the revitalization of GRANDER water, our water, today no longer as pure as it was originally due to many stresses, is given back the original information it needs to be able to restore its self-purification capacity. The water is restored to its natural strength.

When it flows from the source, water is a real elixir of life: natural and pure, full of energy and vitality. But along the way to get to us it loses much of its vitality. It is compressed into long pipes and is continuously exposed to stress, pressure and environmental influences. Therefore the natural structure of water changes. Johann Grander managed to restore its original order to water. It is revitalized, it regains power and strength.


Address: Streda Dolomites, 36 - 38031 Campitello di Fassa (TN)
Tel.: +39 0462 750430
Email: info@hotelalaskavaldifassa.com